Safeguarding Cultural Heritage


We’re participating in one of the UK’s biggest initiatives in the protection of historic sites across the UK and the rest of Europe. Sparta Digital deploys IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to monitor environmental changes and their impact on historic structures. The project has over 20 EU partners led by the Engineering Group with active academic and site partner in Rome, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Cheshire.

The STORM project with a budget of £7 million, aims to create an integrated platform to deal with a real-time control, designing preservation or restoration interventions and a quick response in emergency management.

The challenge:

How do you protect European sites of histories and touristic value from the hazards of climatic and manmade impacts to pressure for future generations?


Sparta used weather stations, UAVs with LiDAR, laser scanner with a multispectral camera and environmental sensing kit to collect the data, visualise it and then analyse data over time and for fact responses to key services. Our Integrated Sensor Suite weather station combines the rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors and anemometer.

We are also using SENSORO Alpha Node- 4AA sensors with light, humidity and temperature measurement capability on the site and aerial drone photography to monitor the change in the landscape.
This dashboard provide comprehensive historic and real time matrix for making and automating decisions. It will also be linked to crowdsourcing to gather data from visitors.