We provide engagement solutions…

for a range of challenges using cutting edge technologies such as mobile applications, data visualisation, AR applications and smart city solutions.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are the best way to engage users, collect data and measure the impact of your event. Our experienced team will listen and work with you closely from defining the idea to launch stage with a strong UX focus.

Data visualization

Dashboards are a powerful tool to analyse and act on data. Our bespoke dashboards are designed accordingly to your needs and will visually summarize all the important metrics you have selected to track, to give you a quick-and-easy overview of where everything stands. With real-time reporting, it's a live view of exact performance.

AR applications

Augmented Reality is a cutting edge technology designed to create an immersive experience, adding value to your event. We can work with you to find the best idea for your audience and implement it at any commercial or business event, tailored specifically to your visitors needs.

Smart city solutions

Data and connectivity are driving new opportunities in the cities that we live in, helping to improve health care, transport and social and cultural wellbeing. We work with those cities to design a bespoke Smart City solution for citizens.