How we’re creating the UK’s first ‘Smart City


CityVerve, the UK’s key IoT demonstrator, showcases and integrates key strategic models in Transport & Travel, Culture & Public Engagement, Health & Social Care and Energy & Environment. Each reinforces and supports each other to save resources, produce a greener environment and opens up more work opportunities for citizens.

This Smart City demonstrator is currently the UK’s biggest smart city project. With £10m in funding, the project aims to make Manchester an even better place to live, work, play and learn and act as a leading example for the future smart cities of the world.


Improve the citizens and new visitor’s journey experience and increase engagement.


Sparta is working with key partners such as Cisco, BT and OS to develop a AR app we’re using a combination of innovation, knowledge, experience and IoT technology to build the Smart City and engage citizens. Our main contributions are listed below…

The City Discovery App:

uses innovative Augmented Reality to bring the local environment to life, allowing citizens to interact with the Points of Interest such as art galleries, museums, restaurants, pubs and Talkative Bus Stops and obtain pollution levels in the city. This allows them to avoid danger zones and for the city to collect sensor based data to effect more user-centred transport networks. This will provide real-time transport data and personalised offers to reward good behaviour. The app features Augmented Reality to helps citizens and tourists to discover the city in a new and unique way.