Big Chip Award Winners

On the 4th of July 2018, Sparta were invited to attend the prestigious Big Chip Awards for the second year in succession. The Big Chip Awards have celebrated digital excellence across the North for the last 20 years, making them the longest running digital and tech awards in the UK. The event was held at Manchester’s glittering Hilton Hotel and this year we managed to bag ourselves three shortlisted nominations (compared to 2017’s unsuccessful two):

1. Best Mobile Application

Nominated for: Buzzin App

Buzzin, developed as part of CityVerve, is a city discovery application with a twist. Buzzin uses the latest augmented reality technology to improve the entire user experience including: wayfinding, education and entertainment.

Winner: Co-op Digital with Shifts

2. Big Chip IoT Impact Award

Nominated for: The SafeguARd Application

Sparta Digital’s SafeguARd is a mobile application which will helps visitors explore, discover and protect cultural heritage sites all over the world. The augmented reality display: guides users around the site, explains the significance of certain areas and allows users to report damaged items.

Winner: BT TSO See.Sense with Manchester CityVerve Cycling Trial

3. Little Chip Student Award

Nominated for: Emma Davis with Buskify

Buskify is the mobile application which will launch busking into the 21st century. Devised as part of Emma’s final degree project, buskify allows music lovers and buskers to find each-other, interact and even digitally tip performers.

Winner: Emma Davis with Buskify

The Night’s Schedule

Unfortunately the results were not as forthcoming as that on the night; we had a nervous wait to discover the fantastic news. We were however made extremely comfortable…

7.00 pm Champagne Reception – The team assembled at Atlas bar to compare outfits and have a pre-show, nerve steadying drink before heading over to the Hilton.

8.00 pm Event Welcome – Our host Timandra Harkness (writer, presenter and comedian) gave a rousing speech about how far technology has come in 20 years.

8.15pm Dinner Served – As expected the food was delicious (pre-lunch post writing so leaving it there)

10.10 pm Awards – Finally the time had come, we were on our last nomination… “and the winner is Emma Davis with Buskify!” and the crowd goes wild…

11.15pm After Party – Rather appropriately we adjourned to Cloud23 to finish the night up with a couple of G&T’s and a photobooth.


“I never thought that a year after graduating I would be winning the Little Chip Award and working in my dream job role as a UX designer.

“Winning proved to me that all of my hard work and studying has been acknowledged in a professional environment and has given me something I can be proud of which will help me with future opportunities.”

“I couldn’t have done it without all of the help from the School of Art; Andrea Zapp, my course leader who encouraged me to take this idea forward and guided me along the way; and staff from Digital Innovation who were more than supportive and arranged great workshops tailored to our needs. Being able to put ‘award-winning UX designer’ on my CV is truly incredible.”