buzzin at Manchester Christmas Markets!

We have teamed up with Manchester Christmas Markets to offer visitors Augmented Reality treats with our buzzin app!

After a great success of buzzin at Manchester Pride 2017, we are bringing more augmented reality experiences to Manchester this November.

This time buzzin app is working by animating Christmas mugs – people can scan mugs while enjoying their mulled wine or hot chocolate and reveal the hidden Augmented Reality treat.

When visitors arrive at The Markets, they can see all the most important points of interest around the area, such as free ATMs, main stalls. toilets and ice rink, through buzzin’s Augmented Reality view.

There’s something for everybody though – such as an augmented reality game for kids to play around the Markets, catching elves to help Santa to deliver all the gifts.

For all of those who complete this Christmas game there will be a little reward waiting at one of the stalls.

Why are we so excited about this project? Because buzzin aims to bring more of the Christmas magic to Manchester while the city celebrates this festive time at the best Christmas markets in Europe! And who doesn’t love Christmas?! We definitely do.

This year Manchester Christmas Markets run from the 10th of November and we can enjoy them until the 20th of December.

But what is Augmented Reality anyway?

Especially since Snapchat has launched their Augmented Reality Art platform on the beginning of October, Augmented Reality seems to be a hot topic. It all seem to started with famous Pokemon Go, but in fact the technology has been here for years.

Augmented Reality is simple to understand when we put in against Virtual Reality. Everybody knows Virtual Reality, right?

So while Virtual Reality immerses you into a fully computer generated world, Augmented Reality allows you to interact with your surroundings in the real world, just by adding digital images over the reality.

We could say that Augmented Reality is more convenient in terms of user experience because most of the time you won’t need anything more than your smartphone.

Despite the fact that many tech giants work on AR application with headsets, such as Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap etc, others seem to believe that smartphone is the future of AR. Apple released their ARKit with the latest iOS update and now it’s more available to users and developers.

Here at Sparta, we definitely think that easily accessible AR is the most important, that’s why we collaborate with large scale events such as Manchester Pride, Chinese New Year and now, for the first time, Manchester Christmas Markets! So stay tuned and look for Christmas AR treats.