UK exports tech talent to Malaysia

We were chosen as one out of the 40 UK companies to attend The UK Mega Technology Mission 2017 in Malaysia!

The Mission comprised of the largest delegation of UK technology companies to Malaysia. New opportunities were identified in a number of sub-sectors in Malaysia: IoT, data analytics, cyber security, e-commerce, cloud, fintech, AR, VR, AI and software development.  

Sparta Digital will  export its IoT expertise solutions for smart cities with a strong focus on Augmented Reality applications and smart transport solutions.

“We’re partners of the UK’s biggest smart city demonstrator, CityVerve. Our work involves cutting-edge technologies such as AR and IoT.” said our Project Manager Kevin Moss,  appointed to CityVerve.

“We’re continuously looking into new ways of engaging citizens with the city around them, and potential collaboration within AR & other new technologies in the Malaysian market would definitely open many doors for us and bring in new ideas. Here in Manchester we are currently working to bring the fun and excitement of AR technology to the Christmas Markets this November, so watch this space.”

The UK Mega Technology Mission took place in Kuala Lumpur and ended on Wednesday 11th of October. It was organised by the Department for International Trade and gathered 40 UK based companies to the Expo.