New Technical Project Manager in Sparta

‘Taking the lead of CityVerve smart city demonstrator in Sparta Digital’

CityVerve Corridor

Circumstances have changed significantly for me this month. As I mentioned in last month’s blog the focus on the business temporarily moved away from our internal project to an App that we are building as part of the CityVerve initiative.

For anyone not aware of CityVerve, click the link to see what it’s all about but simply put, CityVerve is the UK’s smart city demonstrator which

brings together the brightest minds and pioneering uses of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to redefine ‘smart’ in the context of a living, working city.

And I am one of those minds! ????

In a very surprising and complimentary revelation, my previous consultancy experience, stakeholder management and general awesomeness was acknowledged along with my strong understanding of all things technical and I’ve been asked to take on the role of Technical Project Manager for Sparta Digital for this £10m project that aims to provide a blueprint for Smart Cities world wide. No pressure then!

Don’t worry though, I’ve made sure I’m still coding! I’m continuing to work on one of our European projects along with our in-house app to keep my coding skills fresh.

So now I’ve told you about my changes it’s time to discuss the blog post…

Buzzin app wayfarer view
Buzzin App List View

I’m really excited for our new Buzzin App, launching next week. We have updated the old app and turned it into a really useful City Exploring application.

Being able to explore the city using AR content and also take part in exciting AR experiences, Version 1 is based primarily on supporting the MMU’s Manchester Plinth in All Saints Park but following versions will include  Talkative Bus Stops and a few other surprises including some work with the “Tram Tracks” project, part of The Bridgewater Hall’s 21st Birthday & Metorlinks 25th Anniversary.

For version 1 we’ve teamed up with MMU Special Collections, the talented artist & animator Ben Jane along with some of the students at MMU to create the Manchester Plinth that allows users to view artwork and take part in Augmented Reality Art Games in and around All Saints Park.


‘So what does a Project Manager do?


Communication, communication, communication! The key skill of a successful Project Manager is to enable strong lines of communication between everyone involved both internal & external. The technical team, marketing team, design team & management team all need to be on the same page and working to the same deadlines to ensure a good development stage, whilst also keeping external partners up to date with progress of the application and ensuring we’re meeting the requirements of the project.

This may seem like a lot of meetings for me but is an essential part of the project.

With only few days to go before launch I’m excited, nervous and a little bit panicky! Hopefully I will be able to give you an update next month on how amazing it was and how talented my team is! Wish me luck!

In the meantime… I’m relatively new to this Project Management malarkey… What are your thoughts about the key skills of a Project Manager?


``I am a sport and technology enthusiast. Having taken a career change to follow my passion for Software Development.

Away from the computer screen I’m often found in or around a korfball court or cricket field as a dedicated player and coach of both.``

Kevin Moss

Technical Project Manager