First steps on my JavaScript Developer’s journey

It’s been 2 months now since I’ve been working as a Software Developer at Sparta Digital, it seems that those months and months of training and learning to code, as tough as it was, are finally paying off. Deciding not to go to University was always going to be a big risk for me, after a one year apprenticeship which gave me a good foundation with software development I decided to join a JavaScript coding boot-camp which took my coding skills to the next level and set me up for a developer position.

I’m really happy to be working at Sparta Digital who are an exciting and vibrant company working with the latest technology such as the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality.

I have really enjoyed my first two month here so far. I’ve been learning technologies I have never used before such as Angular and NativeScript, both which combine to let you build multi-platform native mobile apps and web apps using the same piece of code, which is really cool as before people had to learn a new language for every new platform they want to develop for.

In the next couple of months I will be working as a part of the team developing an exciting new AR (Augmented Reality) social app. You may be wondering what AR is…. Well to put it simply, it is just an overlay of graphics onto the real world. The concept has been around since the days I was a kid watching cartoons.

Although the concept has been around for a long time, only now is it beginning to take off with the success of Pokemon Go. Working with AR will be a really exciting challenge for me and I’m certainly looking forward to it.


``I’m one of the few people that enjoy their job, I love working with and exploring the latest technology and here at Sparta I certainly have that opportunity.``

Adam Ali

Junior Javascript Developer