First month at Sparta as a Junior JavaScript Developer

This week represents a milestone for me. I’ve been a Software Developer for 1 month. This will not seem like a long amount of time but the journey that I’ve had in the last 10 months means that this is a great achievement.

On leaving my career and re-training as a Software Developer there was always a worry of not being able to find a suitable role or even meet the expectations required of a Software Developer however I’m pleased to say that after one month I can safely quote my late-Grandma, “Kevin always lands on his feet”.

I’ve been very lucky… I’ve started my software development career at a fantastic digital agency, Sparta Digital. They are doing exciting things with IoT and Augmented Reality (No not Pokemon!) and that’s what you want to be doing… something exciting.

Sparta Digital have allowed me to continuously learn through my first month by setting me challenging projects with technologies that I haven’t worked with but given me the tools and support to succeed. I’ve learnt Angular & TypeScript, worked with Docker and Server Deployments on projects in the U.K and abroad. It’s been a lot of fun so far and I’m excited for the future.

Yes, I’ve had my frustrations (the above image in particular) and I’m sure I’m going to have many more of those days but as long as you have the support (aka someone to find that typo!) then it becomes an exciting journey.

TIP 1 for any budding Junior Software Developers

Even when you stop training or move onto a project with less development focus. Make sure you’re developing EVERY day. Don’t let the skills you’ve learnt get rusty.

TIP 2 for any budding Junior Software Developers

Make sure you pick the right company, don’t just take the first job offer. You’re better and more in demand than you realise. Pick an organisation that put’s you first and works with you to become awesome.

And if you’ve managed to read to the end of this article it’s likely you’re not a recruiter… Sparta Digital are looking for more people like me, Amazing, Intelligent, Funny, (OK they’re looking for talented Software Developers). If you’re on the look out for a new role why don’t you get in touch


``I am a sport and technology enthusiast. Having taken a career change to follow my passion for Software Development.

Away from the computer screen I’m often found in or around a korfball court or cricket field as a dedicated player and coach of both.``

Kevin Moss

Technical Project Manager