Representing Manchester at the ‘Smart IoT London 2017’

On the 15th of March 2017 Sparta Digital travelled down south to represent Manchester in the capital City of London. ‘Smart IoT London’ was a two day long Expo made up of some of the world’s biggest IoT technology related companies such as BT, Cisco, Ordnance Survey, Spica and more.

The Expo included things such as ‘A world-leading conference programme’ with in depth case studies from over 200 of the world’s leading experts in IoT. ‘Market leading exhibitors’ ready to answer questions, highlight their solutions and help people understand how they can gain the greatest value from IoT and Big Data. The Expo also acted as a ‘Networking Hub’ where all of the key players in IoT were in one location, sharing information and ideas. It was also a great place to find potential clients.

Buzzin app wayfarer view

CityVerve is the U.K’s largest IoT Smart City demonstrator project, with government funding of over 10 million pounds. Out of the 22 entries involving 34 cities across the UK and with a shortlist of six finalists, Manchester won the funding and the project early last year. The project is said to put the City as a world leader in ‘smart technology’ and aims to improve the life of citizens by using this technology around the City, such as talkative bus stops, sensors in parks, air quality sensors and much more.


Due to Sparta’s local work, speciality and expertise in IoT solutions and smart city projects, last year we were honoured to be selected to become one of the project’s official partners. Which has gave us the opportunity to show of our skills and work with some of the biggest and best companies in the world.


The CityVerve project is now 8 months in and had it’s own large stand at the Expo. Sparta was there showcasing the solutions we’ve developed, with sensor installations around the city and various trials at large events.


One of the examples we showcased was our involvement in Manchester Chinese New Year celebrations. For the event, we partnered with the event organisers City Co and Transport For Greater Manchester , on behalf of the CityVerve project. We used one of our products ‘Buzzin’ mobile app to provide a unique experience for people attending the festival, using Augmented Reality and Beacon technology. The app allowed you to play games related to the event and win prizes. Beacons were installed at key tram stops around the city, sending out live updates on tram times to Buzzin app users. Our work at the event was a great success with over 700 app downloads, 17k Twitter impressions and a large collection of valuable data.

The Smart IoT Expo saw keen interest from businesses around the world to get to know more about the project and seeing how it develops.