Sparta Digital delivers new Augmented Reality experience

for the Chinese Year of the Rooster celebrations in Manchester

The Year of the Rooster is being celebrated by a set of hidden world adventures accessible only using the Augmented Reality camera. The first event experience is the Zodiac hunt, a fun and interactive quest where the twelve Chinese Zodiac animals are virtually scattered around the city center. A map displaying locations of the animals will help users to find the Zodiac signs. Discovering any 3 of the animals, using the in-app built AR camera will earn hunters a prize which they can collect from a stand in the city center. Each of the animals will convert into a coin which unlocks an animation of the animals and allows users to get information about that particular zodiac.

For the second experience, the app works with the Terracotta lantern warriors, an internationally acclaimed exhibition coming to Manchester for the Chinese New Year ( festival. By pointing the camera at the lanterns, users can reveal hidden information and images about The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors. Sparta’s Proximity beacon sensors will be placed at different locations to interact with smartphones when they are within a 60m range. Beacons installed across the city center will trigger digital content such as discounts, web links and videos. Buzzin app by Sparta Digital also offers the best deals in Manchester’s bars and restaurants based on the user’s location as well as updates on events happening around the city.

Chinese New Year takes place on 26-29 January in Manchester, and the main celebrations will be held in Chinatown, Deansgate, Exchange Square and St. Ann’s Square. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors with the Dragon Dance parade, many festivities and special performances.

Visit Chinese New Year official website to find out more about Zodiac Hunt and Terracotta Warriors experience with Augmented Reality.