Latest IoT technology to be used in Heritage Protection

across UK and Europe

Sparta Digital is participating in one of the UK’s biggest initiatives in the protection of historic sites across the UK and the rest of Europe. Archaeological and historic sites all over Europe are vulnerable to damage and destruction from a number of natural and human actions. Sparta will deploy IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to monitor environmental changes and their impact on historic structures.

The STORM project with a budget of £7 million, aims to create an integrated platform to deal with a real-time control, designing preservation or restoration interventions and a quick response in emergency management. It brings together partners from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

One of the historic sites to be monitored by Sparta’s IoT technology is Mellor located in Stockport, Greater Manchester. The site managed by Mellor Archaeological TrustSalford University and EU partners ranges from an Iron Age Ditch to Mellor Mill (1792). Sparta Digital is working closely with Mellor and Salford University to produce information on a range of environmental issues which will assist in the management and preservation of the sites.

Robert Humphrey-Taylor from Mellor Archaeological Trust has said:

Mellor Archaeological Trust is delighted to be involved in the STORM project. The project means that we are able to invest in ‘state of the art’ technology and expertise to assess the effect of climate change on the local heritage sites we are charged with caring for. By the end of the project we expect to have meaningful sets of data that will help us protect our heritage assets for future generations to enjoy.

After consideration of tools needed for the site, it was decided that it requires weather stations, UAVs with LiDAR, laser scanner with a multispectral camera and environmental sensing kit. Sparta provided the Alpha Base Station by SENSORO for the site which is designed to support and connect thousands of nodes and provide a data path from the sensor endpoints all the way to the cloud.

Our Integrated Sensor Suite weather station combines the rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors and anemometer.

We are also using SENSORO Alpha Node- 4AA sensors with light, humidity and temperature measurement capability on the site and aerial drone photography to monitor the change in the landscape.