Sparta Digital host the Chinese Government

to help solve pollution issues using “smart technology” in China!

On Wednesday the 9th of November 2016, Sparta Digital held a meeting with six Chinese Government officials at our Manchester office located on High Street. The Government officials were guided by Steve Turner, representative of Arup who are leading the project on Smart technologies and the role digital technologies can play in enhancing connectivity and transport infrastructure.


As you probably already know, China is a world superpower and is on the forefront of technological advancement for the world. However, this productivity comes at a cost. For years, China have been battling the ever growing problem of air pollution, and during their UK study visit they decided to pay Sparta a visit to see how we’re using the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help Manchester become a Smart City, and how they could benefit from our technology and ideas to help efficiently control and monitor pollution in China’s major cities.


During the meeting, Sparta’s chief technology officer Dr Li Yao, gave a presentation to the six Chinese Government officials, whilst everyone sat and drank authentic Chinese tea. The presentation expressed Sparta’s IoT capabilities and explained how technology such as mobile apps, pollution sensors, traffic monitors and beacon sensors can be used to interact with the public, monitor pollution and change small everyday habits to benefit the environment. After the presentation, questions were asked back and forth from the Government officials and Dr Yao, before we exchanged gifts and they moved on to their next destination.