Sparta Digital are Buzzin with new interactive city app

Manchester based IoT solutions provider, Sparta Digital, has used Google technology to bring its newest creation to life. The Buzzin app helps visitors explore and keep up-to-date with all the latest activities the city has to offer. For example, when they walk into places of interest like museums, libraries or art galleries they will receive contextual information to help them to navigate around things of interest acting as a virtual guide. The app is now available free download on both Google Play and iOS app store. 

More than 100 beacons have been installed in buses, art galleries, tourist attractions and various local businesses within Manchester in the largest such application in UK. Beacons are low-cost, micro-location-based sensors that connect digital experiences to the physical world.

Marketing director Vijay Natarajan said: “In the age of on-demand services and uberisation, Buzzin provides an innovative way of interacting with your city to get the most of what your city has to offer. This could range from Food & drink offers, travel deals, retail discounts and event tickets, bringing them to the user based on where they are and when they need”.

Buzzin app also provides travel updates with an easy to use hop-on ticketing system for use on buses and trains. Buzzin has a ‘one button click’ app to pay for travel and related deals. It is currently being trialled on the Burnley to Manchester routes with devices installed on 15 buses.

The app has been welcomed by local tourist destinations as it encourages visitors to hop-on the bus and pay for tickets on the way to venues. Digital manager at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, Christine Hitchins said: “With Beacons installed within our premises, we are able to provide a more interactive experience to our visitors”. Vijay added: “Buzzin Beacons operates with Sparta’s Buzzin analytics platform delivering businesses insights on footfall, sales, dwell times and user behavior. This helps brands to increase consumer engagement and provide value added services.”