Augmented Reality at Mobile Mcr

“Death to the QR Code!” – a powerful opening statement delivered to the audience of MoMoManchester on Monday night and a clear indication that it was going to be an evening full of lively debate about the potential of Augmented Reality (AR). The fully booked event was the busiest Mobile Monday Manchester so far with over 150 attendees, and a clear indication of the interest that surrounds the technology.
On the panel for the evening were experts from Blippar, Tinderstone and Zappar, with panel chair Dan Sodergren, who encouraged interesting discussion from the audience.

First to present was Max Dawes from Zappar, who proclaimed the demise of QR codes and how it is now AR that will unleash the true potential of brands. After a brief summary of Zappar and the global companies they have worked with, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Penguin Books and Asda, he let his presentation come to life by showing some impressive live demos incorporating video, 3D and interaction.


Up next was Sam Grimley from Blippar who demonstrated the latest Blippar technology within the Argos catalogue. When ‘Blipped’, the AR technology provided interactive games and additional product information for the reader including potential changes in cost and product availability information. The benefits for customers were clear but Sam told the audience that with this technology, Argos was also able to gain valuable feedback by allowing them to see who was interacting with the catalogue.

A particular highlight with the audience was the Heinz Tomato Ketchup demo. AR technology enabled the product to come to life with an interactive recipe book so the consumer could see a collection of Heinz recipes. Keen to persuade the sceptics in the crowd that AR isn’t purely a vehicle for advertising, Sam showed how newspapers and magazines use AR to make stories to come to life with 3D images, videos and the ability to feedback to journalists.

David Price from Tinderstone was the final presenter of the evening; he focused his discussion around the benefits AR can deliver to online retailers and gave an interesting demonstration of how online stores were already considering AR to be fundamental to their future. The ability for customers to see items in 3D detail using AR provides online shoppers with an enriched shopping experience to further close the gap between online and physical shopping.

The night concluded with a fiery question and answer session from the audience who were keen to learn more about the future of AR and question whether AR technology is just another form of advertising. The panellists were keen to explain that, yes, AR was an excellent means of advertising but also a way to immerse consumers within a brand experience that offered additional content and detail.

Thank you to the sponsors of the night CTI Digital, who provided an interactive live Twitter stream, and Apadmi.

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