A Deeper


In a world that increasingly expects a deeper connection through technology we recognise that engaging with your visitors in a modern, exciting and, above all, informative way is paramount to your continued success.


Opting to use emergent technology such as Augmented Reality enables you to get creative in the ways you can engage with your visitors. Adding layers of information and interactivity accessible through smart devices.


In addition to connecting to your visitors with AR you can also gather valuable data on usage throughout your space. Visualisations such as heat maps, graphs and statistics can help you make informed decisions on future planning.

Enriched Experience

Creating interesting places to visit, learn & mingle.

Valuable Data

Collect data on numbers, where they interact with you and how.

Footfall Generation

Making an impact on visitors and come back for more.

Cost Effective

Smartphone technology means lower upkeep costs.



We create bespoke AR and digital solutions using mobile, web and data integration that gets audiences talking using emerging cutting-edge technologies like AR, IoT and data processing.

See our projects for the breadth of experience we have in delivering solutions that capture visitor’s attention and data.


What is AR? Augmented reality (AR), interposes. the objects that reside in the real-world which are “augmented” by computer-generated information, sometimes across multiple platforms or devices.


We also use ioT (interact of Things) using connected devices to inform and automate processes or data links to speed up processes and services.


Data Analytics; your user’s data is collected and used to inform you of numbers, movements around the venue and key interactions.

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